Owl Wired featured on The New York Times

The Owl Wired was recently featured in the New York Times in an article titled “The Best Smart Smoke Alarm”

The Owl Wired isn’t just a smoke alarm; it also can detect carbon monoxide, motion, noise, temperature, and humidity.

The Owl Wired is a security system that comes with five different sensors:

  1. Photo-electric Smoke Sensor
  2. Electrochemical CO Sensor
  3. Microwave RADAR Motion Sensor
  4. Microphone with a Physical Power Switch
  5. Temperature & Humidity Sensor

These sensors can detect smoke, carbon monoxide, sound, motion, temperature, and humidity.

What Other Features Does the Owl Wired Have?

  • The Owl Wired also has the ability to become Wi-Fi connect, which gives you access to your data through your own Owl Home mobile app.
  • The owl sensor comes equipped with a built-in siren, and customizable multi-color LED ring to alert users of potential dangers in their house.
  • The Owl Wired comes with a sealed lithium-ion battery that can power the device for months on end in the case of an emergency power outage.
  • It offers software updates so that your owl is always equipped with the latest security and power efficiency improvements.
  • The Owl sensor is an intelligent device that knows when to detect strange movements in your house and alert you when it feels there is danger.
  • We use end-to-end encryption in every Owl so that your security and privacy are always protected no matter what.
  • The Owl Wired has the ability to connect to multiple traditional smoke alarms at a time throughout your house so that you can be informed by phone of smoke in any part of your house.
  • You can charge your Owl Wired through its built-in USB port so that you can charge in your Rv or during outdoor use.
  • You can customize the volume and sound when an alert is triggered through the Owl Home mobile app.

How Do I Set Up My Owl Wired?

Setting up your Owl Wired is intuitive and straightforward; all you need to do is install the backplate to the ceiling by using the screws we provide.

Next, you turn on the owl sensor in the back and connect it to the power source.

Finally, you download the Owl Home mobile app and customize your device to your preferences.

You can preorder your Owl Wired now and expect it to be delivered in October 2021.

The New York Times had this to say about the Owl Wired, “Owl Wired is an all-in-one wired smoke, CO, motion, noise, temp, and humidity detector for $169 from Canada-based startup Owl Home. It can interconnect with traditional wired alarms and the company promises HomeKit, Google, Alexa, and IFTTT support. Pre-orders are open now, and the device should ship in October, but it doesn’t yet have UL certification. We will update this guide when we have tested it.”

As you can see, the Owl Wired is the best all-in-one smart smoke alarm in the market today. It is here to keep your home safe and secured with its five different sensors that detect smoke, Carbon Monoxide, Smoke, Motion, Sound, Temperature, and Humidity.

We keep your data safe with end-to-end encryption for internal and external communication. It comes equipped with an internal backup lithium battery that lasts up to three months that keeps you protected during power outages.

Give us a call today at +1 (613) 973 4834 or send us an email at info@getowlhome.com to preorder your Owl Wired and ask us any questions you may have.


The chip shortage and how Owl Home is persisting through

It is unfortunate to report the current global semiconductor shortage, however it is important to outline the situation so the real world impacts can be further anticipated and understood. 

Chip Fabrication

Chips are used in a plethora of devices to store data, from medical equipment, to smartphones, to digital cameras, to car brakes, etc.

Semiconductor components are extremely important to the integrated circuit chips, in order to conduct the electricity needed to function.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, or TSMC, is one of the world’s leading chip fabrication foundries and mega suppliers. They supply companies like Apple and Qualcomm.

Because the world, including us at Owl Home, relies on TSMC for the distribution of their chips, this shortage has brought the spotlight onto them. 

How It All Started

Various factors and errors led to the cumulative effect that is now the global chip shortage crisis, with the automotive industry being hit especially hard. Those factors include;

  • The Pandemic: Demands for chipped electronics like laptops and tablets skyrocketed when the workforce transitioned to remote/from-home dynamics. This leads to certain industries (personal tech) dominating the market stock of chips and leaving none for those less affected by the pandemic (automobiles, military, etc).
  • Overcompensation Consequences: When the shortage began, companies like Apple panicked and placed massive orders, hoarding the supply and manufacturing labor and preventing workers from fabricating other future orders. Think the toilet paper shortage at the beginning of the pandemic.
  • Trump’s Trade War With China: the situation was further exacerbated by the policing of foreign imports. He blacklisted growing Chinese chip companies like Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation, suppressing market production.
  • Lack of Business Continuity Planning: the inability to project potential cumulative consequences forward (re: pandemic, changes, etc) lead to full cancellations in business supply chains at the start of lockdowns. Those chains moved on to bigger and better things in the meantime and are now being held in those high-demand industries. Others who forecasted better aren’t as desperate.

How the Shortage Impacts Us

Unfortunately, Owl Home, we rely heavily on chips, much like the rest of the world. Our devices use ICs to perform sensor detection, radio communications, data processing, and storage. 

Without companies like TSMC running smoothly we could see significant production deceleration.

Some predict the shortage is to stretch into 2023, causing billions in loss. 

How are We Handing

To avoid as much impact as possible we have been proactive since the beginning. 

We began purchasing items with foreseeable shortage potential ahead of time in larger supply than usual. We consulted with manufacturers to understand the patterns they were beginning to see on their ends in order to best anticipate our needs and business continuity.

We also started dealing with domestic manufacturers rather than overseas imported parts. 

We are certainly doing our best in a dire situation to stay afloat. Many of our products use this technology, and these events have reminded us to never take anything for granted. 

We at Owl Home appreciate your continued support and business, and we hope to meet each and every single production demand. We’re proud to say our efforts have paid off thus far. 

Click here to learn more about simplifying your home technology. 


5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Home Security System

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner, or someone who is looking to make upgrades to their current residence, protecting your biggest investment is crucial. 

The best way to do that is by having a high-tech home security system.

But not only does a security system protect your home, but it also has many other purposes. If you’re curious to find out what those are, continue reading to find out the top five.

1. Reduce Homeowners Insurance Costs

Homeowners’ insurance is expensive but necessary. Any way a homeowner can find to reduce their insurance costs is vital. It can save you a ton of money.

The title speaks for itself on this first one.

By installing a home security system, you can reduce your homeowner’s insurance cost by up to 20%. A home security system protects your investment and your wallet.

2. Protect Your Loved Ones

Investments are not always monetary. One of the most important investments anyone will have in their lifetime is their investment into their family.

A home security system can help keep your family safe from potential intruders.

Whether it’s your partner, kids, or elderly parents, protecting your loved ones is always worth the monetary investment into a home security system.

3. Prevent Criminals From Entering

Criminal activity can happen in any neighborhood. That is a scary thought many of us do not want to grapple with. It causes us to worry about our safety.

But with a home security system, your level of safety significantly increases.

Criminals and intruders often scope out houses before attempting to enter them. They do this to ensure that nobody is home and that there are no vicious dogs present. They also do this to see if they can spot a home security system. The last thing a burglar wants to do is set a loud alarm off or get caught on video. 

Because of this fact, home security systems ultimately help prevent unwanted entry into your home.

4. Protect Your Personal Belongings

Although we most worry about intruders coming in to harm our loved ones, we must also consider our valuable personal belongings. If you own luxury and high-valuable items, your home will catch the eye of a local burglar.

Until they hear and see your home security system.

By installing a home security system, you’re not only protecting the ones you love most and the structure of your home. You are also protecting all of the belongings you put your hard-earned money into.

5. Keep Your Peace of Mind

And last but certainly not least, having a home security system can greatly relieve your anxiety and keep your peace of mind. You’ll no longer have to worry about common threats while you’re out doing daily activities.

Owl Home

If you’re interested in installing a state-of-the-art home security system, then you need to get the Owl Wired.

Our home security system detects motion, smoke, carbon monoxide, temperature, and humidity. 

Owl Wired is one of the most affordable and easy-to-use systems on the market today.


5 Tips to Secure your Smart Devices

When it comes to security, we all want the very best. We want it for credit card transactions, Wi-Fi, our devices, and even our cars. This is especially true for our homes and the people we love within them. 

With multiple technologies available to us such as a motion detector alarm, thermostats, phones and tablets, smart cars, and smart refrigerators, we must be vigilant when it comes to security. 

Firstly, having the best in-home surveillance system is a must. Owning the best in class means that your family will be protected. Subsequently, securing your smart home and IoT devices in the easiest and safest possible way is a vital part of the process. 

Take a look at the tips we have put together to help you along the way.

Setup up a secure router

Your router is the key to ensuring your smart devices are properly protected. Think of your router as the first rung of a ladder towards ensuring the highest levels of protection for your smart home and IoT devices. 

Set up a new network for your smart home and IoT devices. Lots of routers allow you to do this as an extra safeguard. This means you can keep smart devices completely separate from regular use of wi-fi by friends and family. 

Use secure passwords and multi-factor authentication

Where possible, don’t use the same password for everything. Strong and unique passwords are essential to ensuring as many possible layers of security are added to prevent any hacking incidents. Password managers are your best friend!

If you have internet banking or a google account, you might already be familiar with multi-factor authentication. If not, think strongly about ensuring all accounts have this as an added extra. It simply means that you demonstrate multiple evidence that you own the account. 

Keep your software up-to-date

This covers a multitude of sins! Check that all of your smart home devices are updated regularly. This includes your router. You may need to check manually every other month that no updates are pending. It’s also important to know that the equipment used has both the latest hardware and software technology available. 

Disable the features you don’t need

Most smart and IoT come with many settings on default. Make sure to check what’s enabled and turn off anything that isn’t needed. Remote access can be disabled if you are home. 

Watch for power outages

Check all devices if you have a power outage that can cause a return to default settings. Better still, choose devices that have backup batteries for such an occasion. 

While we live in a digital age with awesome technology, we still need to keep up to speed to ensure we are protected. It’s up to us to make informed decisions. Thankfully we have access to the best in class when it comes to smart home devices. 


Carbon Monoxide Leak and the Texas Natural Disaster

While some Texas residents are burning old furniture in an effort to stay warm, others are becoming so desperate that they are bringing grills and generators inside to stay warm. Sadly, this is leading spikes in cases of carbon monoxide poisoning in the state. 

Due to the persistent power outages in Texas, people are desperately looking for some way to stay warm. Some people are using grills, generators, and other heat sources that contaminate the air with carbon monoxide. This is leading to carbon monoxide poisoning throughout the state. 

What is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide is not visible to the naked eye nor can you smell it. Usually, you will only know that your home has been contaminated by the gas after showing signs of CO poisoning. The symptoms of CO poisoning include headache, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, chest pain, confusion, and shortness of breath. Grills, campfire stoves, generators, and car engines release carbon monoxide and contaminate the environment. 

According to NPR, the Houston police reported two carbon monoxide poisoning fatalities in a single day. A family of four was poisoned after running their car in the garage attached to their home to stay warm. The woman and one of the children did not survive, while the man and other child were taken to the hospital to get taken care of. CO poisoning can cause brain damage and even death in a matter of minutes. 

How to Stay Safe

In order to stay safe from the deadly gas, it is important to take stock of your own home. Always check the status of fire extinguisher and CO detectors. If your carbon monoxide detector does not operate without power, perhaps getting a battery operated one is a good idea in the event of power outages. While this might seem like common sense, people often forget to keep those things in check and that could cost a life. 

Since we cannot detect carbon monoxide ourselves, alarms like the Owl Wired are a good investment. The Owl wired is a smoke, carbon monoxide, motion, noise, temperature, and humidity detector with a built-in alarm. It features a backup lithium-ion battery so it will continue to function during power outages for a few months. Owl Wired is easy to install because it has embedded magnets that secure the censor to the wall. You simply mount the device, connect to the power source, and configure it using the Owl Home mobile app. 

It is extremely important that you and your loved ones are safe. That is why forgetting to do something so simple like checking your carbon monoxide detector is so important. What is happening in Texas is not easy for anyone living through it, but you and your family’s life is important. Stay alert and be careful with the devices you use to stay warm. In case of symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, call the Texas Poison Center Networks. 


Owl Wired available for pre-order now!

Available on pre-order is a revolutionary, cutting edge gadget for users that want a built in alarm, noise, motion, smoke, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity detector in one compact, aesthetically pleasing package. You have the option of getting the Owl Wired home security system in either black or white colours, with either having smart owl sensors to keep your home safe, wi-fi compatibility with the help of Owl devices for timely detection, and a powerful backup lithium ion battery that can power the device for up to a few months during power outages. With a customizable LED ring and a loud alarm buzzer, you will not miss any alerts from this easy to install all in one Owl security system. 

Don’t take our word for it, Owl Wired has been featured in many tech sites this year and we have snippets of the reviews below. 


One of the many things that make the Owl Wired home security system stand out from others before it is the level of customization, ease of use and accessibility. As soon as the device is powered on, it connects with the onboard Bluetooth technology to set up the sensors. Also, the Owl Home mobile application allows the user to control and customize the alerts, like the alarm volume for example. This coupled with the Owl Platform gives users the ability to write their own applications for even more customizable options. 

Owl Home is opening preorders for its first HomeKit-enabled device, the Owl Wired. This is an all-in-one smoke, carbon monoxide, motion, noise, temperature, and humidity detector to help monitor your home. It is wired and mounted in your home and is able to report back all of those sensors to the owl app as well as to HomeKit

Apple Insider

Futuristic and Timeless

A big hit among the people that have reviewed this gadget is the simple but effective design. The dimensions of the device make it an easy fit into any room, and the style means it does not stand in the way of the overall outlook of your living space. 

The designers also envisaged a future where the Owl Wired can trigger other smart home devices. For instance, you could create an app that’ll trigger your coffee machine when the Owl Wired detects movement.


To learn more about the Owl Wired, visit getowlhome.com


Owl Home at CES 2021

While things are going to be different this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, CES 2021 is the first major event on the calendar for consumer electronics news in 2021.

Its new online format may be a little different, but for those of us interested in seeing the newest and greatest technology, it is still at the centre of the tech world with big names like Sony, Samsung, LG, AMD, Microsoft. Yet everyone participates in this event. The CES Innovation Awards is an annual competition honouring outstanding design and engineering among consumer technology products in 28 product categories.

With all of this going online this year, we cannot convert at the Las Vegas Convention Centre like every January. Due to health concerns and global lockdown measures, events are changing online – and, like the E3 Gaming Expo and other shows, CES 2021 is an “all-digital” conference. We hope this happens this year, so the biggest brands should host their own live-stream ads – think Sony, LG, Samsung and the like – while smaller companies are running their own streams. Manage or come together. CES-themed videos are shown. The company behind the event is CTA, which is opening a virtual show hall in which exhibitors will be able to showcase their wares and attendees and retailers will be able to ask questions about their new products. The CTA states that we can hold meetings with up to 30 people at a time and communicate with one another in real time. A press release on the CES website originally placed January 6-9 as the date for CES 2021, however, those dates have been changed to January 11-14, 2021. 

For the security industry, CES is a starting point for innovation in technologies such as thermal cameras and various sensors, along with many smart home and security devices. Most of the smart home brands recognized in the security industry are exhibitors. Owl Home is going to be a part of CES 2021 where Owl Home stands as a leading innovator for replacing traditional Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and Home Surveillance systems.


Privacy Focused Home Surveillance

Your home is your sanctuary. When people come home, they get the feeling of finally being able to relax, watch their favorite shows and then go to sleep. And while they are sleeping, they sleep easy in knowing that they have nothing to worry about. However, what happens when something comes into your home that makes you have that feeling that maybe home isn’t the safest place to be?

Or maybe while you are away from your home, such as work, someone enters your home? It can make you feel uneasy to be at home, and afraid to stay there alone or even leave the home at all. While everyone automatically thinks about criminal activity, but what about those silent problems like carbon monoxide or even smoke?

Smart Home Surveillance Systems 

That is why you need to have surveillance systems in your home. In most cases, when criminals see cameras or other type of products in a home, they are going to think twice about robbing or breaking and entering into this home. They know that it would be a venture that will end up with them getting caught, so they move on. Think of a surveillance systems as being a way to add a protective bubble around your home to ensure that the peaceful feelings you have about home are always there!

Carbon Monoxide Detection

In addition, if you have children in your home, you can rest more easily knowing that if the house should happen to release carbon monoxide, you are going to be warned. Keep in mind that there are families every year who suffer from the ill effects of carbon monoxide. In most cases, they did not have something in their home measuring this. This is something that can easily be prevented.

And for those with breathing issues, they may find that the more humidity that is in their home, the worse this gets. There are several surveillance systems that can monitor the humidity and temperature throughout the home. Or maybe you even need to a motion detector alarm? This can be a great benefit for those families with children who may sleep walk or have other issues.

When it comes to the surveillance systems for home that are out on the market, you are going to find that there are several to choose from. Some of the best surveillance systems for 2020 are going to include those that do numerous things at once. Why have separate devices for everything as this just makes everything that much more confusing? However, you want something that is going to get the job done, while also being something that you can easily use. The key is to find something that is going to over protection for the entire family and your home, that is going to be easy to integrate into your home. 

Just remember, if you have put off thinking about surveillance systems in your home for whatever reason, you shouldn’t delay doing this any longer. This can be the bubble of protection that you need to feel comfortable and secure while in your home, and put some of your worries to rest.


COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 is a respiratory disease caused by the most newly found Coronavirus. Illnesses caused by COVID-19 infection is usually mild in the case of children and young adults. However, to date, there is no vaccine or specific antiviral medicine to prevent or treat COVID-19.


COVID-19’s symptoms include a fever, tiredness and a dry cough. Some patients may have symptoms like body aches, a sore throat, runny nose, nasal congestion or diarrhea. These symptoms usually begin gradually and are mostly mild in nature. Some people who become infected may not show any signs or symptoms of the disease. According to the WHO, about 80% of people who get infected recover without any special treatment. People with underlying medical problems such as diabetes and those who are above of the age of 60 are more like to develop a more severe illness. People who have had symptoms such as a cough, fever an difficulty breathing should seek medical attention.

Precautionary Measures

  • Regularly washing your hands with soap and water or using an alcohol based hand rub.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Maintain a 2 meter distance between yourself and others whenever possible.
  • Practice social distancing and quarantine yourself.