Owl Wired available for pre-order now!

Available on pre-order is a revolutionary, cutting edge gadget for users that want a built in alarm, noise, motion, smoke, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity detector in one compact, aesthetically pleasing package. You have the option of getting the Owl Wired home security system in either black or white colours, with either having smart owl sensors to keep your home safe, wi-fi compatibility with the help of Owl devices for timely detection, and a powerful backup lithium ion battery that can power the device for up to a few months during power outages. With a customizable LED ring and a loud alarm buzzer, you will not miss any alerts from this easy to install all in one Owl security system. 

Don’t take our word for it, Owl Wired has been featured in many tech sites this year and we have snippets of the reviews below. 


One of the many things that make the Owl Wired home security system stand out from others before it is the level of customization, ease of use and accessibility. As soon as the device is powered on, it connects with the onboard Bluetooth technology to set up the sensors. Also, the Owl Home mobile application allows the user to control and customize the alerts, like the alarm volume for example. This coupled with the Owl Platform gives users the ability to write their own applications for even more customizable options. 

Owl Home is opening preorders for its first HomeKit-enabled device, the Owl Wired. This is an all-in-one smoke, carbon monoxide, motion, noise, temperature, and humidity detector to help monitor your home. It is wired and mounted in your home and is able to report back all of those sensors to the owl app as well as to HomeKit

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Futuristic and Timeless

A big hit among the people that have reviewed this gadget is the simple but effective design. The dimensions of the device make it an easy fit into any room, and the style means it does not stand in the way of the overall outlook of your living space. 

The designers also envisaged a future where the Owl Wired can trigger other smart home devices. For instance, you could create an app that’ll trigger your coffee machine when the Owl Wired detects movement.


To learn more about the Owl Wired, visit getowlhome.com


Owl Home at CES 2021

While things are going to be different this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, CES 2021 is the first major event on the calendar for consumer electronics news in 2021.

Its new online format may be a little different, but for those of us interested in seeing the newest and greatest technology, it is still at the centre of the tech world with big names like Sony, Samsung, LG, AMD, Microsoft. Yet everyone participates in this event. The CES Innovation Awards is an annual competition honouring outstanding design and engineering among consumer technology products in 28 product categories.

With all of this going online this year, we cannot convert at the Las Vegas Convention Centre like every January. Due to health concerns and global lockdown measures, events are changing online – and, like the E3 Gaming Expo and other shows, CES 2021 is an “all-digital” conference. We hope this happens this year, so the biggest brands should host their own live-stream ads – think Sony, LG, Samsung and the like – while smaller companies are running their own streams. Manage or come together. CES-themed videos are shown. The company behind the event is CTA, which is opening a virtual show hall in which exhibitors will be able to showcase their wares and attendees and retailers will be able to ask questions about their new products. The CTA states that we can hold meetings with up to 30 people at a time and communicate with one another in real time. A press release on the CES website originally placed January 6-9 as the date for CES 2021, however, those dates have been changed to January 11-14, 2021. 

For the security industry, CES is a starting point for innovation in technologies such as thermal cameras and various sensors, along with many smart home and security devices. Most of the smart home brands recognized in the security industry are exhibitors. Owl Home is going to be a part of CES 2021 where Owl Home stands as a leading innovator for replacing traditional Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and Home Surveillance systems.