Home FAQs

How does Owl work?

Owl device features multiple sensors to detect Smoke, Carbon Monoxide, Smoke, Motion, Sound, Temperature and Humidity. It sends these readings to Amazon Cloud, which then is presented to you via Owl Home mobile app.

Does Owl Wired support Apple HomeKit?


How long do the batteries last?

Owl Wired will last up to a week on internal backup Lithium-Ion battery. We are are looking to improve this over time via OTA update. Owl Battery will automatically charge when it's connected to a power source.

How is the data shared and stored?

Your data will be stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Canada and US regions. It is only accessible to you and your family members that you wish to share with.

What is the maximum number of Owl Wired devices can I have in a house?

You can install up to 20 devices in a single home.

How is Owl Wired secure?

Owl Home uses end to end encryption for all communications and uses signed firmware binaries for OTA(over the air) updates. This prevents malicious firmware being installed on your device. Owl Wired hardware storage data is encrypted to prevent unauthorized data access.