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5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Home Security System

Home Blog 5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Home Security System

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner, or someone who is looking to make upgrades to their current residence, protecting your biggest investment is crucial. 

The best way to do that is by having a high-tech home security system.

But not only does a security system protect your home, but it also has many other purposes. If you’re curious to find out what those are, continue reading to find out the top five.

1. Reduce Homeowners Insurance Costs

Homeowners’ insurance is expensive but necessary. Any way a homeowner can find to reduce their insurance costs is vital. It can save you a ton of money.

The title speaks for itself on this first one.

By installing a home security system, you can reduce your homeowner’s insurance cost by up to 20%. A home security system protects your investment and your wallet.

2. Protect Your Loved Ones

Investments are not always monetary. One of the most important investments anyone will have in their lifetime is their investment into their family.

A home security system can help keep your family safe from potential intruders.

Whether it’s your partner, kids, or elderly parents, protecting your loved ones is always worth the monetary investment into a home security system.

3. Prevent Criminals From Entering

Criminal activity can happen in any neighbourhood. That is a scary thought many of us do not want to grapple with. It causes us to worry about our safety.

But with a home security system, your level of safety significantly increases.

Criminals and intruders often scope out houses before attempting to enter them. They do this to ensure that nobody is home and that there are no vicious dogs present. They also do this to see if they can spot a home security system. The last thing a burglar wants to do is set a loud alarm off or get caught on video. 

Because of this fact, home security systems ultimately help prevent unwanted entry into your home.

4. Protect Your Personal Belongings

Although we most worry about intruders coming in to harm our loved ones, we must also consider our valuable personal belongings. If you own luxury and high-valuable items, your home will catch the eye of a local burglar.

Until they hear and see your home security system.

By installing a home security system, you’re not only protecting the ones you love most and the structure of your home. You are also protecting all of the belongings you put your hard-earned money into.

5. Keep Your Peace of Mind

And last but certainly not least, having a home security system can greatly relieve your anxiety and keep your peace of mind. You’ll no longer have to worry about common threats while you’re out doing daily activities.


If you’re interested in installing a state-of-the-art home security system, then you need to get the Owl Wired.

Our home security system detects motion, smoke, carbon monoxide, temperature, and humidity. 

Owl Wired is one of the most affordable and easy-to-use systems on the market today.

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